Fly Tying Group

(first posted November 30, 2007; last updated July 16, 2012)

This website has largely been moved to the Federation of Fly Fishers website,, under the link "Fly Tying Group"


Who Are We?

The FFF Fly Tying Group was started by the FFF leadership at the 2007 Conclave in Livingston. It is a group of, by, and for fly tiers. The goals of the group are to develop fly tying at the local, regional, council, national, and international levels.

For more information on how the Group was started and the members of the 2007 Board of Governors, see the Autumn Flyfisher. Although we have a Board of Governors, we actually "govern" nothing. We are just tiers who have volunteered our time to serve the interests of tiers all over the US and internationally, too. The name was chosen by the FFF leadership so that our name is similar to the Board of Governors of the Casting Group. If you are interested in volunteering, visit our projects page and the FFF website's Forum, where we will be posting information throughout the year. The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, August 30, 8:00 am to 11:00 am, at the Holiday Inn, West Yellowstone, and is open to all members. The Tiers' and Liars' BBQ will be at noon at the Parade Rest Guest Ranch.

Certification of Fly Tiers

This topic is usually the first on everyone's minds. You will notice from our minutes that we all are very much against certification of tiers, which would destroy the individuality that makes tying so interesting and enjoyable. No, this Group is NOT certification in disguise, and our minutes prove it. Casting may be able to be enhanced by certification, but in our opinion, tying cannot be improved by certification. We feel that certification would go a long way toward destroying tying. Our position regarding certification is clearly delineated by our position statement.

How to Join

Membership is open to any FFF member who in interested in fly tying. There are no other criteria for membership! So if you have fly tying in your blood, please go to our membership page. The cost is $20 year, in addition to your FFF membership.

You can support the Fly Tying Group by becoming active in our projects (see next paragraph). Join us for our annual BBQ at Conclave, called the Tiers' & Liars' BBQ. This meeting is open to all members, but advanced registration is required.

You can also make a donation to the Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Memorial Fund.

Projects of the Fly Tying Group

The Fly Tying Group is involved in many projects. 2011 is only the fifth year of our existence and project development is still in its early stages. You're welcome to get involved in our projects.

How To Be a Great Demonstration Fly Tier

Workshops were held at the Conclaves from 2006 through 2010 that were specifically targeted for the demonstration tiers, but were open to all interested tiers. The workshops were coordinated by David Nelson and featured the Buszek Award Winners Wayne Luallen, Judy Lehmberg, Chris Helm, and Dick Nelson, among others. Go to the demonstration tying page on this site to learn more. We will be having another workshop at the 2010 Fly Fishing Fair (formerly called the Conclave) in West Yellowstone. If you are interested in tying at the Conclave, check out this article.

Fly Tying Instructors' Resource

The Fly Tying Group is developing The Fly Tying Instructors' Resource, a website for instructors who are planning a fly tying course. There are many resources available to you, from thoughts on how to organize a class, to handouts on hooks, to technique handouts written by Buszek Award winning tiers. There will be a workshop at the 2010 Fly Fishing Fair in West Yellowstone. We are also developing some webpages based on the work of the winners of the Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award.

Fly Fishing Fair 2011: West Yellowstone

The Fly Fishing Fair and Conclave will have many activities for Fly Tying Group members in West Yellowstone, August 31 to September 3. The high point will probably be the Tiers' & Liars' BBQ on Tuesday, August 30, open to all demonstration tiers and all Fly Tying Group members. There will be two workshops of interest to experienced tiers. The first is for designed specifically for demonstration tiers but open to anyone, on how to be a better demo tier. It will be a roundtable discussion with Buszek Award winners, Fly Tying Group Board members, and senior demonstration tiers. All are welcome to come and share their view of what it takes to be a great demo tier. The second workshop is referred to just above, the Fly Tying Class Organizers' Workshop. We will have a tying area in the demo tying area devoted to teaching beginning tying. Anyone who would like to volunteer for this should contact Sherry Steele, steelefly followed by the "at" sign followed by Demonstration tiers can find more information here.