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The Evergreen Hand:
(first posted February 9, 2009; last updated March 4, 2009)

Fly tiers are inventive people, and here are some variations that tiers have come up with. Use these to fuel your imagination and, after you have tested your inventions, please email me with photographs and a description. - David Nelson "nelsondl" at sign ""

Steve Burkett

Steve made his Evergreen Hand for a lefty, and modified the cork for holding the hook prior to gripping it with a tool and put in a magnet instead. He liked the "flipper" style material gripper.

Below is a closeup of the materials gripper:

Below is his version of the loop release tool:

Below is a detail from the back of the EH, which also shows the thumbscrew (black, on the right of the photo) to tighten the metal "S" bar that positions the metal plate.

One of the keys to the functionality of the Evergreen Hand is the tools mounted on magnets. From the left, the loop release tool, an alligator clip, and an electrical lead clip.

Gary Jones

Gary used a part called a "wood insert nut" in brass (see first image below) placed into the wooden base for the set screw to hold the base on the vise (see second image) and substituted a wingnut (also called a wing screw) for the allen screw, to allow more convenient tightening of the base to the vise. The 10-24 inserts and wingnuts seem to be about the right size.

Wingnut (steel) inserted into a Wood Insert Nut (brass)

Use the Wood Insert Nut to provide secure threads in the wood base for the wingnut.

The wingnut can be seen at bottom center.

Gary also used them in the base as well as the wooden block on the back of the plate, to provide for easy tightening of the S-arm at both ends. He also created a collar and pin to allow the base to rotate.

Close up of the collar, with its brass insert, wingnut, and locking pin.

Here is the base and plate rotated out of the way (compare to above photograph).

Finally, he created a post and base to hold the bobbin out of the way or the thread tight, if needed:


Jim Rubin

Jim has used maple that he got free from the dumpster of a custom cabinet shop (they throw out little bits like we need all the time!), and they even cut it for him, once he told they what he was up to. The hard maple makes a great base, has a nice weight, and machines well. His clamps are 1/2" PVC with 1/2" dowels driven into them, the brass cups hold hooks or finished flies, etc, the modified alligator clip has an opposing "U" shaped jaw epoxied into place (we will post more pix soon so you can get a better idea). The white metal plate is held by a different system.

Gene Kaczmarek

Gene showed this device at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show in California. It was built by Ed Huff of Mission Peak Fly Anglers. Gene demonstrated Clouser Minnows using the new tool called the ED Hair Grabber. Ed Huff used a double block design with a thicker S rod and a smaller plate. It worked out great.


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