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The Evergreen Hand:
Steps to Use the Evergreen Hand

(first posted February 6, 2009; last updated February 10, 2009)

By Photos by Jesse Scott
Text by Jesse Scott and David Nelson

Step 1: Start out by putting a hook onto the hook holder (the cork at the base).
Be sure to watch the YouTube video showing this step.


Step 2: Grab the hook with one of the magnet-based tools such as the alligator clip,
and position the clip on the white plate so the vise can grip the hook properly:
by the bend, with the point of the hook sticking beyond the jaws of the vise.


Step 3: Grasp the end of the thread in the alligator clip, position it on the white plate, and start your jamb knot.

Step 4: The tail material is gathered and measured using the ring eye. Insert the material (marabou) butt first and pulled it through the eye (to gather it for clipping in the next step ) and pull it to the desired length.

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