Fly Tying Group
Tiers' and Liars' 2012 Barbeque

(First posted May 16, 2012 Last updated July 23, 2012)

Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute

4000 W. Randolph Road | Spokane, WA  99224 | 509-328-2971

Tuesday, July 10, noon to 4 pm

The 2011 Fly Tying Group BBQ was a big hit. How can you miss when 100% of the guests are tiers?

The official Fly Tying Group's Tiers' and Liars' Barbeque
is a great way for all Fly Tying Group members to meet each other.
Come along and join the fun! (click here for report on 2012 BBQ)

The BBQ, a Thank You to all of our Demonstration Tiers and a Get-Together for all of the FTG members, will be held on Tuesday from 12 noon to 4 pm, July 10, 2012, just prior to the official opening of the main Fly Fishing Fair events (Wednesday, July 11, to Saturday, July 14, 2012). All demonstration tiers, Fly Tying Group members, and their spouses or guests are welcome.

The fun and events include a Bucket Raffle and Auction (featuring two flyplates framed by Steve Jensen). But also be prepared for the Blind Wooly Bugger Contest and the Team Tying Contest (one person is the right hand and the other person is the left hand)! There will be a Fly Switch: anyone who brings a box of flies will be entered into a drawing for a box of flies. We will also have a Mystery Material Contest. Come join your fellow Fly Tying Group members for a great day of fun!

The cost of the BBQ is $15 for an incredible menu: BBQ steak and BBQ chicken, garlic bread, corn on the cob, potato salad, green salad, and fruit salad; dessert is cake and ice cream; drinks are coffee, decaf, hot tea, iced tea, water, and lemonade.

The deadline for mail-in registration is past. |

You can still register, but you must do it by telephone.

Click on this link to the registration form
and read about the telephone registration.

For a list of registrants, see bottom of page.

Raffle and Auction

There will be a bucket raffle and auction. Last year there were some 60 items in the raffle, including full necks, antique Pott flies beautifully mounted, vests, nets, etc. The auction this year will include two fly plates, one with Buszek Award winners' flies and one with original Potts flies (donated by Frank Johnson), both framed by master framer Steven Jensen, who has been the official FFF framer for over a decade. The raffle this year will feature many items, still coming in. We will post pictures of the items as we get them. Tickets for the raffle this year are $1 each (cash or check OK, no credit cards), raffle will be held during the BBQ on July 10, must be present to win, all prizes will be displayed at the raffle.

If you have any items you would like to donate to the Raffle and Auction, please contact the Raffle/Auction Chair, Al Ritt, at: "Al" followed by the email "at" sign followed by "alrittflies" dot com (I have to post his email this way to foil the spam bots). Items can be brought with you to Spokane or shipped to:

Fly Tying Group BBQ
West Slope Fly Shop
1003 East Trent Avenue #145 Spokane, WA 99202
(509) 838-0252

FFF FTG Tiers & Liars BBQ Raffle Rules

  • Raffle Tickets - $1.00/ea
  • Drawing to be held July 10, 2012 at Mukowgawa Fort Write Institute;4000 West Randolph Road; Spokane, WA at 2:00 pm
  • Sponsored by The Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Tying Group
  • You must be present to win
  • For item descriptions see individual raffle item sheets



Steve Jensen, far right, Raffle Chair for 2011, conducting the bucket raffle.

Bucket raffle in progress; our venue was an aspen grove and we had mayflies landing everywhere. Quite a day. Raffle and Auction

Fly Switch

Fly Switch
Fly Switch Chair Bill Nelson with a huge collection of flies in boxes, frames, etc.
Everyone who donates flies gets flies. Everyone wins!

This is a great event and always the source of great laughter and comaraderie. Here is how it works:

1) Bring a selection of flies in a box, frame, or anything you choose; at least a half-dozen. Please put your name on or in the box, as well as any information about them you’d like to include. The flies will be on display throughout the BBQ.
2) Everyone who submits flies will get a Fly Switch Ticket, and therefore will get a box of flies. Anyone who does not submit flies will not receive flies, so if you want a box of great flies, bring a box of your own.
3) All the Fly Switch Tickets go into a bucket. One tier will be picked randomly to start the distribution. That tier can choose any box that tickles his fancy. The tier of that box will have next choice, and so on. So, if you want to get early pickings, be sure to tie up some really good flies. The tier who gets picked first gets a prize; the tier who gets picked last, well, they get lessons!
4) Prizes will be awarded. Applause, approbation, and appreciation aplenty will be shown throughout.
5) It will be fun!

Any questions can be addressed to the Fly Switch Chair, Bill Nelson, at: "Milpito" followed by the email "at" sign followed by

Mystery Materials Contest

Mystery Material Logo

Anyone can join this contest. All contestants will be given a bag of "mystery materials." The identity of the materials will be kept secret until the day of the BBQ. The challenge is to create two flies, either identical or different (your choice, whatever shows off your skills best), within the next two days. The materials will be completely unconventional, so your creativity is challenged. The flies will be collected Saturday at the beginning of the FFF BBQ, and judged by our panel of experts, usually Buszek winners and Bob Bates, the FFF website's resident Fly of the Month author. The winner gets $100 in cash and will be announced at the end of the BBQ.

Team Tying & Blind Wooly Bugger Contests

Gene Kaczmarek will again be organizing some contests during the BBQ, for the enterainment of all. One is the Team Tying Contest, in which two tiers attempt to complete a fly, one being the Right Hand and one being the Left Hand. This can make for some funny moments, as when David Nelson (Emeritus Board member and former Chairman) cut the thread while working with Al Beatty, Board Member and Buszek Award Winner, making an Elk Hair caddis at the 2010 BBQ:

Al and David Team Tying


Another popular contest is the Blind Wooly Bugger, in which the tier has to complete a fly wearing a blindfold (and surviving all the heckling of their friends!). Here is Buszek Award Winner Marv Nolte attempting this feat from a few years ago:



Gene Kaczmarek will have all the tools and supplies, so please, join in the fun and try your hand.

Our Venue: Mukogawa

The site for the BBQ is the Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute. Buszek winner and FTG veteran hard worker Frank Johnson was a guest at a local club which held its function at this site and wrote this opinion: "The facility is, in my opinion, very nice. A lovely campus with lots of big evergreens, lots of grass, and cool old buildings."

We will be meeting outside, under the shade of these great trees:

BBQ Lawn


This is a view from the Lawn, toward the Spokane River.



If it rains, we will move indoors:


Mukogawa is only 4.2 miles (12 minutes) away from the rest of the Fly Fishing Fair activities. The FTG BOG meeting is Tuesday morning at 8 at the Red Lion. The Fly Fishing Fair will be at the Convention Center.

A simple Map to the BBQ is online.

Raffle & Auction Items

We will be posting information and photos when available about our Raffle and Auction items.


A beautiful framed set of Pott flies, framed by our resident master fly framer, Steve Jensen.


Another Steve Jensen framing, this time of 1986 Buszek Award Winner Billy Munn.



2 each, 10”x13” bags stuffed with high quality Deer, Elk and Moose
2 each, Jungle Cock Capes
6 Packages, Top quality Peacock Wing Quills
2 Packages, 5”x13” North American Badger hair
1 each, WF6F Cortland Fly Line
1 each, WF6F Sage Fly Line
1 each, Allen Trout Reel 3/5 – Very fine reel
3 each, Bundles of 5 Assorted Rooster Necks

$100 gift certificate

A Brazilian rosewood bobbin crafted by Steve Jensen.

This is the list of the registered guests. If your name is not here, please call David Nelson 415 925 0501.

(1)  Anna Atkin, Bozeman, MT
(2)  Tom and Rebecca Anderson, Spokane, WA
(1)  Bob Bates, Spokane, WA
(1)  Dean Childs, Sequim, WA
(2)  Al and Gretchen Beatty, Boise, ID
(1)  Paul Beckmann, Mendota Heights, MN
(1)  James Crislip, St. Helens, OR
(1)  Jerry Criss, La Pine, OR
(1)  Jay Daley, Eagle Point, OR
(1)  Norm Domagala *
(2)  Fred and Linda DuPre, Colleyville, TX
(2)  Robert and Gayle Eagleson, Calgary, Alberta
(1)  Scott Erickson, Raymond, Alberta
(1)  Larry Gibbs
(2)  Len and Diane Gross *
(1)  Dale Heath, Medford, OR
(2)  William and Ethel Heckel, Franklin Park, IL
(2)  James and Claudia Ferguson, Salem, OR
(2)  Dave and Cathy Hamilton, Grants Pass, OR
(2)  Steve and Nancy Jensen, Springfield, MO
(1)  Vern Jeremica
(1)  Frank Johnson, Sheridan, WY*
(2)  Gene Kaczmarek, Harold Whitmore*
(2)  Dave Londeree and Van Bozarth, Athol, ID

(1)  David L. McElwain *
(2)  Dick and Pam Nicklas, Levenworth, WA
(2)  Lillian Nelson and Bill Nelson, Los Gatos, CA
(1)  David Nelson, San Francisco, CA
(2)  Pat and Carol Oglesby *
(2)  Chris Reeves and Caroline Emmet, UK *
(1)  Al Ritt, Longmont, CO
(2)  David and Linda Roberts, Eagle Point, OR
(1)  Gary Robertson, Sand Point, ID
(1)  Carl Ronk, somewhere in Southern California *
(1)  Gordon Rose *
(1)  Kit Seaton
(2)  Eric and Sherry Steele, Sisters, OR
(1)  Hiromasa Takahashi, Japan *
(1)  Rich Trimble, Roseburg, OR
(1)  Stu Thompson, Winnipeg, CANADA *
(1)  Leslie Wrixon, Wellesley, MA (57)
(1) John Kimura *
(1) Brad Thompson *
(2) Ken Brunskill and wife *
(1) Jim Crislip *
(1) Mike Williams *
(1) Bud Frasca *
(1) Zack Seaton *
(1) Don Findon * (66)